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Intended Use:

Sensatest Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Kit is used for the qualitative determination of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in human whole blood and serum. This test is intended for the screening of serum, blood and blood products to be used for transfusion and an aid for the diagnosis of existing or previous hepatitis B infection.


HBsAg is one of the earliest markers that appear in the blood following infection with Hepatitis B virus (HBV). This infection of the liver is transmitted by homosexual or heterosexual activity, blood borne exposure, mother-infant, close personal contact and by intake of contaminated water and food products. In the HBV infected people, the virus persists for the rest of their lives and can be passed on to others. Therefore, Hepatitis B has become a global public health problem.

The HBV infection causes a wide variety of liver damage such as acute self-limiting infection, fulminating hepatitis, chronic hepatitis with progression to cirrhosis and liver failure, and a symptomatic chronic carrier state.

Therefore, screening for HBsAg is highly desirable for all donors, pregnant women and people in high-risk groups

Product Features :

  • Fast test results between 10 to 20 minutes
  • Sensitive at 2mg/ml, accuracy 99%
  • Test results can be interpreted visually without any instruments
  • CE & MDA, Malaysia approved

Product Description

No Product Desc Qty Per Box Format Catalogue No Specimen Shelf life
1 Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test 100 Test Strip HBsAg 210 Serum 24 months
2 HBsAg Serum Cassette 40 Test Cassette HBsAg 211 Serum 24 months
3 HBsAg Whole Blood Strip 100 Test Strip HBsAg212 Whole blood 24 months
4 HBsAg Whole Blood Cassette 40 Test cassette HBsAg213 Whole blood 24 months

Test Procedure & Result Interpretation

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